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2015 Pups: Soolee and Dusty

Hound Conservation Drive

To the conservationist at heart and in deed,
I'm looking for your help to ensure the strength and genetic heritage of large breed hounds.

Large breed hounds are not dogs, in the same way that ships are not just large boats. Large breed hounds have natural instincts that influence their ability to produce strong and healthy offspring. However those instincts are generally not fulfilled in domestic western society. This often results in weak offspring despite advances in animal husbandry.

Currently many of the best hound genes are lost as they are terminated or have to adapt to western lifestyle practices. There is a one-size-fits-all breeding and rearing methodology - it's almost the only way hounds are able to bred and live today. The fruit of which is now evident in some canine lines being infertile and incapable of raising their young without professional intervention.

I would like your help to preserve large breed hound genetic strength. It's going to take a radical shift in breeding methodology. Unless we are prepared to breed and rear these hounds within the confines of proper natural selection practices, then these majestic animals will also soon be on the endangered list.

It will take maverick conservationists with land and resources to ensure that these noble genes are not lost to us forever. Are you willing to swim against current husbandry wisdom and put some "eggs" in another basket? If yes, then I have high breed hound puppies available for a high breed program.

Please consider adopting breeding hounds into a breeding program of your own. If you can't adopt a hound, will you consider supporting our hounds who are in existing breeding programs?

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